Luxurious Private Rail Car Charter


The Silver Iris welcomes you back to the first class rail travel of yesterday with the modern conveniences of today.  Our all stainless steel sleeper-lounge is fully heated and air conditioned with separate temperature controls and electrical outlets in each room.

A full galley provides complete meal service in the dining lounge with a crew of two owner-operators offering the friendliest on board service available anywhere!

Four bedrooms sleep two each in upper and lower berths while four roomettes each provide comfortable and private accommodations for one.  All rooms have a large picture window as well as their own private toilet and sink.  There is a spacious shower at each end of the car and an open air vestibule with two extra portals where smoking is permitted.

The entire AMTRAK and VIA national rail systems are available to us, so plan your trip of a lifetime whether it be two days or two weeks and WELCOME ABOARD !


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