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Virtual Tour Instructions:

Silver Iris Virtual Tour - Lounge
Silver Iris Virtual Tour - Dining Area
To move within the virtual tour, use your mouse to display a pointing finger in the direction in which you wish to move, hold down the left mouse button. Keep the finger closer to the center of the picture to keep you from moving too quickly. The closer the finger is to the edge of the page, the faster the photo will move.

You can also use the arrow keys to navigate about the image. The speed of movement can be selected by clicking on your right mouse button and then selecting "Navigation Speed"

If you end up spinning around on the ceiling or the floor, point the finger directly up or down, respectively.

Move the mouse around until you see the icon of a doorway appear. Double-click on the doorway to go to an adjoining immersion photo.

If you wish to zoom in on an object, move the image so that the target object appears in the center of the view. You will see a "+" when you place your pointer at the center of the view. Hold down the left mouse button and the image will zoom in on that object.

To zoom out, move the pointer to the side until you see a "-" appear. You can then hold down your left mouse button as the view zooms out! The amount that you can zoom in will be limited by the resolution of each image.

If an icon of a link appears, you can double-click on it to go to another related web page. To easily view all the hot spot links in an image, click your right mouse button and select "Show Hot Spot Targets".

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