Luxurious Private Rail Car Charter


Package and Rate Information

We run two basic types of trips; prepackaged itineraries are made available on a first come first served basis to events such as the Rose Festival in Portland.  Other similar trips have included 49er games, skiing in Utah, the Sacramento Jazz Festival and more.

The second more common charter is one involving a single group, sometimes in conjunction with other private cars, with a destination and agenda already planned. The Silver Iris can travel anywhere AMTRAK serves, and passengers can get on or off at all stops. The car, however, can only be removed or added to a train at major switching points such as Oakland, Sparks, Denver, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle and so on.

Each trip is priced on an individual case basis but includes the following elements which are primarily AMTRAK charges (varying by station):

$3.26 per mile;
$800 per switch (includes on and off the train);
$155 per night for parking during stopovers;
$800 per night for crew, insurance, beverages, laundry and supplies.

Food is additional and cost varies by number of meals, menu, number of guests, etc.  Our maximum occupancy is ten plus crew for privacy and comfort.

Please do not hesitate to call or write with questions.

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